Book of the Week—16 August 2016—The Desert Vet



by Alex Tinson  with David Hardaker


Publisher Allen & Unwin


RRP: $29.99

Pages: 230

ISBN: 9781760292829

Alex Tinson is a former Sydney vet and has lived for nearly thirty years in the United Arab Emirates.Now the chief vet for the racing camels of the President of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Abu Dhabi, His Royal Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed.

The Research Centre was started thirty years ago and has been a global pioneer in embryo transfer technology.

David Hardaker is a former ABC Middle East correspondent and Walkley award winning journalist. He has lived and worked for many years in the Middle East and speaks Arabic fluently.

So, how did a  St.Ives vet reach this pinnacle in Abu Dhabi and Dubai? 

After he worked at Bacchus Marsh Lion Safari Park, he and his family moved to Tweed Heads whereby, fate intervened , and he received a call to remove the testicles of six camels – which, ultimately the task segued Great Australian Camel Race in 1988.

Fast forward – Tinson is now both obsessed and fascinated by camels, and as a result, he is head-hunted to set up a hospital for camels in the U.A.E.   Camels are integral to tribal history and they are the heart and soul of what it means to be an Emirati.

A fascinating insight into the luxurious world of ‘gleaming Rolex watches and Maserati’s of the Sheikhs  –  a tax-free high salary where many come for a life-changing income’ and Tinson’s account of a life ‘gone from rags to riches then to rags again and finally back to riches again.’

It is patently obvious that Alex Tinson loves life in the U.A.E. as his enthusiasm literally, jumps off the pages.

A fine read.

Brief Mentions

Travelling Tinker Man and Other Rhymes

by David Essex


Publisher Head of Zeus Hachette


RRP: $19.99

Pages: 144

ISBN: 9781784082345

Back in the 70’s , David Essex was a ‘pop sensation’ – best known for ‘Rock On’ and later became a stage and musical actor –  now, he has written a collection of seventy-five poems, lyrics and musings including his family’s traveller roots.

Sentiment,humour,triumph and tragedy – writings from a man who has lived and loved life.


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