All About Clare Calvet and Her Book Reviews

Clare Calvet


I’ve been doing book reviews on ABC Radio now for the past 25 Years on Nightlife with Tony Delroy.

Each week we reach about a million people from all over the world.

Feel free to listen in LIVE on Wednesday and Friday nights from 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. —Australian Eastern Standard or Daylight Time on ABC Local. Friday’s show is also repeated on Saturday mornings.

Or, if you’d rather hear past programs through a podcast, go to my Nightlife Book Reviews. 

Every Wednesday evening is Clare’s Book of the Week.

Every Friday evening is Clare’s Weekend Reads.

I review a very wide range of books from all genres—adults’ and children’s, fiction and non-fiction—but I have some special focuses too.

The first Friday of the Month is Crime Time—I love crime novels and true crime!

The second Friday of the Month is Culinaria—my reviews of cook books and food books, another one of my passions.

I like to be eclectic and topical and while many of my reviews are newly-released, topical reads, I also love finding books that are not so mainstream, particularly quirky titles—something a bit different!

Now, this blog is a place where my listeners can read my thoughts about books, writers and writing. Here’s where I can spend more time and treat some subjects with more depth. I love doing the show, but we’re always running out of time!

I often also get requests from people who are interested in writing and getting published, so you’ll find A LOT of information about that here too. I can even put you in touch with a great writer I know who might be able to mentor you to a best seller, as he’s already done for a few others.

And of course, there will be LOTS of reviews.

As a further note, I also work at Novella Books in Wahroonga in Sydney. So if there’s ever a book that you hear about on the show, or read about in this blog, we either have it in the store, or I can order it in for you. You drop in, or you can write to me, or you call call and any of the lovely people I work with can help you get the book you want.

Clare Calvet

Novella Books

5 Railway Avenue

Wahroonga NSW 2076

Telephone: + 61 (0)2 9489 3128

So, welcome!

I look forward to writing my blog and, if you’d like to contact me, you can reach me at the following email:



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